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Our Mission

Our motto has always been, “Modern computers with old fashioned customer service”, a motto which has allowed us to excel where most big box electronics stores do not.  We are here to service your needs, not to meet a quota or to up-sell you in to something you don’t need.  Whether we need to bring your current system back to life or introduce you to a brand new system, we can provide you with new and used systems, and all kinds of accessories.

A Little Background About Us:

What started out in 1994  as a desire to help small businesses and local neighbors with their computer issues has grown into a successful career for Paul and Muriel Landry.  The early beginnings of PM Computers began as a part time, night time job, hense “the PM in PM Computer Services”.   It wasn’t long before Paul and Muriel realized the difficulty facing the small business owner or the home computer user.  We have truly moved into the computer age.  Without knowledge of software and hardware, most people don’t know what they need or how to maintain their systems properly.  This is the charm of PM Computer Services.  Paul and Muriel aren’t here to sell you things you don’t need and if you have issues, they can help you resolve them without spending your life savings.

Since their opening many years ago, PM Computer Services has been able to increase their capabilities to ensure all computer basis are covered for the small businesses owner or home user.  PM Computers currently offers a full line of Lenovo Computer Products, printers, supplies, Data Guard Backup, web design, seo, social media support, computer repair, tablet repair and cell phone repair.  It has become the place to have ALL your questions answered, find the products you need and maintain all your business needs like the big guys without being pushed aside for being small.


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